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Today is my first snowfall after 2 years of living in the sunny Caribbean, best cialis medicine and as I look out the hospital clinic window, viagra sales treatment I’m nostalgic of all the fun childhood memories of playing in the snow – building snow forts, endless snowball fights.  Oh what I would give to turn back time and experience those carefree moments again :) There’s nothing like a cold, snowy winter day to get the brain thinking…

Children have a unique way of fostering the most important relationship they’ll ever have – a relationship with themselves.  First they learn imaginary, solitary play, developing their likes/dislikes and communication skills and then graduate to playing with others.  They spend most of their years trying to assert their independence, discovering the world, and making their mark wherever they go.  This natural process helps establish a “self-relationship”; a bond that should seemingly never be broken, but unfortunately, that happens sometimes.

Venturing into adulthood isn’t an easy process.  We navigate through unchartered territories of emotions and experiences that may force us to push aside what we want and who we are.  In this process that bond with ourselves weakens.  Without realizing, we sacrifice our relationship with ourself to satisfy the needs and wants of others.  Ironically, however, that “self-relationship” is quintessential to establishing any relationship with someone.  I need to understand and accept myself before I can understand and accept another.  Adding a friendship or lover to my life should be a wonderful addition, not a necessity to feel whole.  Continually nourishing that bond with yourself is key to sustaining any other relationship in the future.

Let’s go back to the uninhibited time of childhood and rekindle our once forgotten relationship.  How will you start anew?

As for me, I shall make a snow angel after work :)

I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading :)

dreamsThe time has finally come ladies and gentleman – I am officially starting my 3rd year of medical school tomorrow! :) I am incredibly excited and nervous that this day has finally arrived, viagra sale discount but I’m also in a state of bittersweet reflection.  I actually started this journey in 2009 and completed one full year before having to leave due to an unfortunate abusive relationship.  Afterwards, stuff I went home and I honestly never thought I’d be going back to medical school.  I thought my dream was lost for good, advice but the universe had other plans for me, thankfully – I was given another chance to start over, to pursue my passion.  And now, almost 5 years later, I can happily say that I’m half way through medical school.  Wow – time sure flies! :)

The journey has been tough, and most definitely emotionally exhausting at times, but I’m proud to have gone through it even with a few battle scars.  Sometimes we go throughout life wishing our obstacles could be easier or go by quicker – I’m guilty of thinking this too – but we also need to be reminded that everything has a time and a place.  It sounds tremendously cliche to say that, but I whole heartedly believe it’s true.  The universe has an amazing ability of granting us those silver linings when we need it the most.  Our dreams may not happen when we want them, but they will happen; just wait and see.

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite quotes:

shoot for the moonWhat are your dreams?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading :)

ig nobel 1Ingenuity and creativity keeps the world moving. Without them, cialis viagra sale we wouldn’t have the wonderful technology and gadgets we take for granted today. I’ve always enjoyed learning about wacky inventions because it’s quite interesting to see what the mind cooks up. Quite often these inventions make us laugh, viagra usa pharm but when we sit back afterwards, they also cause us to think about their plausible practicality.

The Ig Nobel Award acknowledges researchers and inventors that do just that. Since the 1990s, 10 minds each year accept this prize for their creative, yet applicable, inventions and research. To be considered for this award, nominations only need to fit one criteria: “First make people LAUGH…and then make them THINK”.  My favorite Ig Nobel Award is for the dual bra-face mask. It’s a hilarious concept to think about, but it actually makes sense! There’s so many women out there, and we all basically wear bras everyday; such an efficient safety method in case of an explosion or gas leakage. Gentleman, now you can really feel special when a lady gives you her favorite bra ;)

Dual bra-face mask
Dual bra-face mask
Sample Ig Nobel award in 2014
Sample Ig Nobel award in 2014








It’s wonderful to see that ingenuity is still in fashion. Many of us are brought into this world to be movers and shakers. Never stop tinkering and creating, but while you’re out there, remember to have some fun too

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fckh8So today I was cruising my usual news and junky websites and I came across this video on featuring young’s girls dropping the f-bomb in support of feminism.  For those who aren’t familiar with the FCKH8 campaign, viagra sales treat they are a for-profit T-shirt company promoting social change in LGBT equality, mind anti-racism, and anti-sexism.

I’ve written about my views towards feminism previously, but I have mixed feelings about this video.  I understand the central message, but I felt the aspects highlighted were presented too sarcastic and forceful for my taste.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.  I would love to hear thoughts from my male and female followers.  Happy watching :)

first dateLadies and gentleman, best viagra diagnosis I have an age old question to ask: Who should pay on the first date?  

Personally, buy viagra rx I am a bit old school in the romance department.  I think the guy should pay for the initial few dates and then we can alternate if the relationship becomes more exclusive.  A little chivalry and romance goes a long way ;)

I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

Guys, You better pay on the first date

cancer 1By now you all have probably figured out that I’m a bit of a nerd; although, sildenafil ampoule a cool nerd ;) .  I love having the chance to learn and experience something new, ampoule especially when science and technology are involved.  Last night I did learn something new and it got my nerdy antennas buzzing: the possibility of early cancer detection.

Cancer is a silent killer.  The cells in our body mutate and multiply at an unhealthy rate, and then BAM-BAM, we experience the symptoms.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the symptoms come when it’s too late.  What would our world be like without cancer?  How can technology help to solve this problem?  Biomedical technology is continually participating in cutting edge research for drugs and procedures to eradicate cancer, but that’s only half the issue, what about early detection?  If we could detect cancer in it’s early stages, then theoretically, more people will be saved, right?

Well, Jorge Soto and his team are on that task!  They’ve developed a prototype that allows early cancer detection by using microRNAs.  MicroRNAs are the intermediate proteins in the conversion of DNA to RNA.  They contain much smaller and similar sequences than DNA, so it’s been difficult in the past to categorize them.
cancer 3Jorge Soto’s theory is that cancer cells use specific microRNA patterns to multiply; therefore, if we discover the specific patterns for certain cancer types then we can detect them earlier!  Even more amazing is the prototype he’s using to scan the microRNA proteins.  His team constructed a cylindrical device that holds the plastic wells containing the microRNAs and uses an iPod as a scanner to detect the proteins.  The device is cost-effective and so far quite reliable.  They’re been able to accurately sequence microRNA protein patterns for pancreatic, lung, breast, and hepatic cancer!  Wow – great minds, ingenuity, and technology at its finest! :)

This technology is still in infancy, but it’s on the right path.  The future is endless for Jorge Soto and his team – they’re on the path of discovering something so great and beneficial for medical science and countless lives.  I look forward to seeing what else they develop.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading :)

friendship1We spend a lot of time discussing the ins and outs of romantic relationships, discount viagra site but what happens when a friendship ends?  Does it have the same affect?  My answer is YES, health especially if this is someone you considered a close friend.

Last night, a very close friend of mine decided to end our friendship for reasons that completely baffle me.  The reasons he gave were honestly quite stupid in my book; he chose to highlight only 2 points in our timeline as reasons to end our relationship, completely neglecting the years of communication and support we’ve given each other.  I know he’s going through some personal issues right now that affected his rash decision, but nonetheless, the breakup is still painful.  Right now he feels scared and alone; he’s forgetting that people do care about him.  I am quite saddened by this and had myself a good little cry, but I do not blame him.  I will give him the space he wants.  In the end I told him I’ll miss him and that I’ll be here if and when he wants to return.

friendship3All relationships require two people to start and continue.  All relationships require communication and support; they are not measured by convenience.  All relationships should be non-judgmental and empowering.  All relationships should offer compassion and insight.  True friendships should espouse all these characteristics as well.

Losing a true friend is just as hard as losing a lover – true friends carve a place in your heart that’s irreplaceable.  They are an extension of your family that helps form your inner circle to provide emotional support and stability.  Friendships can also be toxic just like romantic relationships, so still keep your eyes and ears open, but for the most part, true friends are hard to find.  When you do find a lasting friendship, put the time and dedication in.  The best thing you can offer is unconditional support, courage, love, and advice.  Treat your friends as you want to be treated.

To my friend that I lost:  When you’re ready, I’m here. :)

I would love to know your thoughts. Happy reading :)