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Princess Potty-Mouth

fckh8So today I was cruising my usual news and junky websites and I came across this video on FCKH8.com featuring young’s girls dropping the f-bomb in support of feminism.  For those who aren’t familiar with the FCKH8 campaign, viagra sales treat they are a for-profit T-shirt company promoting social change in LGBT equality, mind anti-racism, and anti-sexism.

I’ve written about my views towards feminism previously, but I have mixed feelings about this video.  I understand the central message, but I felt the aspects highlighted were presented too sarcastic and forceful for my taste.

Watch the video below and tell me what you think.  I would love to hear thoughts from my male and female followers.  Happy watching :)




womenagainstfeminismI would like to think of myself as “pro-woman”.  I believe that we women bring a unique perspective to this world that should be respected, generic viagra online cultivated, cialis usa and listened to.  Some would say that I’m being a “feminist”, and well, yes I am :) I’ve been reading lately about the “#WomenAgainstFeminism” movement and the only thing that comes to my mind is how the word “feminism” is heavily being distorted.

The feminist movement didn’t just begin in the 1960s-70s with Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, it began centuries before.  Starting as far back with Cleopatra, Queen Victoria/ Elizabeth I, the Bronte sisters, Margaret Sanger, Amelia Earhart, Rosalind Franklin, Rosa Parks, and countless others, have shown how women greatly contribute to this world.  The Feminist Movement in America only cemented “women’s issues” into a political and economic platform, and over the years, their demands were accomplished to varying degrees.  As of now, the newer generation of women are equating “feminism” as a negative, which is not what our predecessors had planned.

When I hear the word “feminism”, this is what I think:

Feminism is not:

– “man bashing” (we may get frustrated with them at times, but we do need them ladies)

– “women bashing”

– advocating women as superior to men

– blaming insecurities on “the system”

– denying women a voice/respect

– condemning chivlary from men


Feminism is:

– supporting each other

– demonstrating that women, yes have beautiful bodies, but also wonderful minds and souls

– encouraging our young girls to go into math and science professions

– not criticizing a woman’s career choice

– acknowledging our own limitations is not necessarily a bad thing

– showing respect for ourselves and our fellow women (we are our own worst critic ladies)

Just like everything in this world, the word “feminism” is constantly evolving.  What it meant years ago, may not hold the same connotation now.  We are fighting different battles than our predecessors, but their victories should not be held in vain.  We as women should not be battling each other for a single “true” definition, but coming together in solidarity to make the movement stronger and all-encompassing.  I am fortunate to live in America, where most of my rights as a woman/individual are covered, but many women and girls still do not have that basic respect and stability.  They are struggling, as we did, to accomplish their goals – let’s help them to have a fighting chance.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading :)