Curing HIV

While reading the news this morning, viagra usa viagra sale I stumbled upon this AMAZING article about researchers possibly curing a 2 year old girl born HIV positive!  It’s so surreal to think how fast modern medicine is progressing.  This surely is a great, best viagra exciting accomplishment for the researchers, the girl’s family, medicine, and many others living with HIV.  We’re one step closer to curing HIV!

Happy Reading: Researchers: Toddler cured of HIV

Be Mindful, Be Present – The Essence of Life

“Be mindful, Be present” is the mantra that comes to mind as I watched a Tedtalk today (I know, I know…another Tedtalk video, but I just can’t help myself :) ).

How many of us can ACTUALLY, HONESTLY say we can separate from our busy lives and just be?  Let me tell you a little secret…I find it difficult at times too…you’re not alone my dear readers.

Watching this video reminded me of my original purpose in starting La Vida Dolce – for us, including myself, to remember to reflect on our lives, learn from our experiences, and open our hearts.

Ready for the challenge?  It’ll only take 10 minutes.

Enjoy this wonderful video everyone: All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes


The Limits of Bio-enginnering

Last month, discount cialis stuff a friend of mine sent me this interesting talk about bio-engineering by Paul Root Wolpe from the website Ted Talks.  If you’ve never been to Ted Talks, viagra canada sildenafil take a few minutes to cruise the website.  You’ll find numerous discussions, each about 10-20 minutes, on many subjects ranging from relationships to science to spirituality.

I am a huge aficionado of Ted Talks.  I always enjoy learning and these talks allow just that.  You never know when you’ll learn something new.

In this video, Mr. Wolpe discusses bio-engineering and how it affects society, science, and morality.  The video invites the listener to think about several different questions, such as: What are the limits of bio-engineering?  Can scientific discovery and morality coexist?  When do we give ourselves authority over science specimens and subjects?

I encourage y’all to watch this and post your thoughts below: It’s time to question bio-engineering


A Valentine’s Day Special!!

Ahhhhh….Le amour….the most talked about subject since Cupid shot his arrow.  It makes our hearts flutter and turns our stomachs into knots all at the same time, viagra generic ask but “what is love?

Love comes in all shapes and sizes’, so answering “what is love?” isn’t easy.  So where do we start?

Let’s start by with the type of love we equate with the most…romantic, passionate love.  This is the sort of love that takes over our mind and body when we’re with the object of our affection.  It usually morphs in two directions: 1) it will eventually burn out if it’s based on superficial means or 2) it could develop into a mature, help long-term relationship based on commitment, respect, and understanding.

Next we have the deep, non-sexual relationship between close friends and families.  This bond is formed over a longer period of time as stories are shared, emotions felt, and obstacles are conquered.  We would assume that a deep familial bond is automatic, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.  It should be cultivated and nurtured just like any relationship.


A form of love we sometimes forget is more generalized; a love for all humanity.  This type of love allows us to feel connected to the people around us.  We express this by volunteering, advocating for equality, and overall helping for the common good.

Last, but not least, we have self-love.  Many of us have the common misconception that self-love is selfish, but this is far from the truth (everything in moderation my dear readers).  How can we give and receive love if we don’t love ourselves?  Self-love is about understanding your limits, respecting your thoughts and emotions, and just being yourself.

As we see, love does not have one definition.  It penetrates all types of relationships and circumstances.  The “powerful feeling” of love develops through our sustained interactions where we provide continual commitment, nurture, and passion.  Without any of these components, love would just feel empty.

Love is life’s greatest blessing and surrounds us every day.  Embrace it and openly give in return. 

So, on this Valentine’s Day, don’t be concerned with buying gifts or where to eat dinner, focus on the people that show you love every day.  Call your parents to just say “I love you”.  Give your siblings a big hug.  Share smiles and laughter with your friends.  Treat yourself to dinner or something nice.

Love is what you make of it, so make it powerful and long-lasting.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Constructing healthy boundaries are essential to create a healthy self. These “boundaries” are reasonable guidelines that YOU create to establish healthy relationships with yourself and everyone around you.

The first step in implementing these boundaries is knowing and understanding YOU. What are your beliefs, viagra thumb desires, best viagra and needs? What actions are/are not acceptable to you? What consequences are you willing/not willing to accept?  Once you’ve answered these questions, it will be challenging for someone to disregard your boundaries because you’ve identified your values and how YOU want to be treated.

Let’s talk about the types of boundaries we’re trying to establish:

1)      Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries exist between you and a specific individual. They include your body, generic personal space, and privacy. I like to describe this type of boundary as, “This is my bubble…this is your bubble…please stay in your bubble.”  When someone invades our physical boundaries, we most often express our annoyance verbally or through body language and hopefully they get the hint.

2)      Emotional Boundaries

Emotional boundaries allow us to protect and take care of ourselves by expressing when an individual’s actions are unacceptable.  This type of boundary is usually the hardest to establish because many of us are afraid to simply say “No”.  By doing so, we may experience rejection, confrontation, guilt, or other emotional consequences we weren’t prepared to face and that can be worrisome.  I completely understand that feeling; we’ve all experienced that at some point in our lives, but being true to yourself is not harming anyone. It’s about respecting yourself.

healthy boundaries

How can we expect others to respect us when we’ve ALLOWED them to ignore our standards? We are responsible for the decisions we make in life.  We essentially have the freedom to make choices in how we respond and limit others behaviors around us. Only YOU set the tone for your well-being.

It’s never too late to self-care.  For example, look at your current relationships, do they seem unbalanced? If they are, identify what boundaries you want to set.  Express your thoughts in a firm, concise, respectful manner. I know initially we may feel selfish or guilty for creating these guidelines, but trust your instincts; if that person respects you, they will respect your requests.  You don’t need to justify your decision as long as it’s a reasonable, respectful boundary.  Now, you might be wondering, “How do I maintain CONSISTENCY with my words?”  The answer to that, my dear readers, is YOUR ACTIONS.  The boundaries you set are validated with consistency in your actions towards that individual and your surroundings.  Our moms were right when they said, “Our actions speak louder than our words”.

Establishing healthy boundaries for yourself will not initially be easy, but once you begin this journey, progressive thinking and respectful individuals will surround you.  This combination will bring positive energy to allow you, and those around you, to mature in an open, enlightened manner.   With every step you take, your innate confidence will be reinforced.  This will allow you to further grow and become a willing, active participant in your life and others’.

Good luck on your journey of self discovery!

A New Year, A New You!

Good-bye 2012…Hello 2013! Tis the season to start the year fresh and new! Every year we think of ways to transform our lives from losing weight to stopping a bad habit or reacting differently towards others, viagra buy patient but we forget to answer what we really need in our lives.

We all have the capability to live the lives we’ve envisioned. We have the key to modify ourselves and how we react to situations to achieve our goals. That tool lies within all of us.

Achieving the life we envisioned does not need to be a difficult task; we just need to believe. Nothing will be a quick fix to solve our lives, but with dedication, persistence, and active planning, you can achieve your goals and travel towards the path you’ve chosen.

 Step 1: Rnew-years-resolutionselax and close your eyes. Envision the current aspects of your life. (I know some of you are thinking, “So I just close my eyes and POOF it comes to me? You’re crazy lady.”, but trust me, you need to center and calm your mind to visualize what’s missing) While you’re visualizing your life, ask yourself the following questions:  Are you living life to its full potential? Have you achieved your goals? Do you feel something is missing? Where do you want to be in 1, 3, 5 years from now?

Step 2: Open your eyes. Grab a piece of paper and divide into 1, 3, and 5 year marks. Under each year, write at least 3 financial, relationship, social, and career goals you’d like to accomplish.

Step 3: Take a step back and read what you’ve written. Do they seem reasonable? Are they attainable?

 Step 4: After analyzing your goals, write 3 ways HOW you’re going to achieve them. What steps are YOU willing to take to make them a reality?

Step 5: Look again at what you’ve written and begin taking the steps to achieve what you really desire.  Make attempts, make mistakes…it’s ok. As you actively pursue your written goals and objectives, what you really want will come to you.

What do you want?

Life and You

“Life and You” is simply about you.  We’ll be discussing ways to improve ourselves such as learning to ask for help from others, appreciating our imperfections, and what happens to us when we judge others. If you have suggestions on topics you’d like to discuss, please post them in “What are Your Thoughts?”.  Happy reading!

Enrich Your Mind

“Enrich Your Mind” is dedicated to opening our minds to the world around us. We’ll be discussing current events, new research adventures, and anything else we find intriguing. If you have any suggestions for future discussions, please post them in “What are Your Thoughts?”.  Happy reading!

Developing Healthy Habits

“Developing Healthy Habits” is about living a more balanced life. We’ll be discussing topics such as how to live in the moment, moving on from your mistakes, and letting go of stress. If you have suggestions on topics you would like to discuss, please post them in “What are Your Thoughts?”.  Happy reading!