My Hearts Other Half

soulmate3It all started with a generic introduction: “Hi there. I’m (insert name)”.  Something so simple and unannounced, viagra sale and yet you’re drawn to respond.  Why?  Hesitancy and skepticism take over for an instant, hospital but as the conversation continues, you share the same thoughts, values, and life perspective.  Is this person for real?  How did we share so much in such little time?  An unspoken attraction pulls you closer towards each other as the communication is endless and time seems to stand still.  It’s like you’re 2 pieces cut from the same cloth – you’ve met you’re soulmate.

To many of us, myself included, finding our soulmate is the pinnacle of romantic relationships.  We want to experience that “instant connection”, the feeling that we’ve known someone for years when we’ve only just briefly met.  Unfortunately, some of us may never experience that type of partnership because our life path has taken us in a different direction or we chose to settle down with life partners prior to finding our soulmate.  There is no correct path for our relationships to take; fore every encounter we make and situation we journey into has a lesson we must learn.

soulmate4I’ve been fortunate in my love life to have found my soulmate, and all I can say is that it’s truly amazing and beautiful to be a part of that duo.  There’s an intense, indescribale energy that surrounds the two of you.  No words can accurately describe this feeling, but I equate it to literally being “blown away” or “speechless” when near your partner.  That instant connection felt between you runs deep mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Your backgrounds, races, or religions may be different but there’s a shared perspective on life, love, and the world.  In my own experience, the aspect I found most wonderful was the sense of complete acceptance by my partner.  He knew my flaws, my ugly moments, my insecurities, and he still looked at me and said “you’re gorgeous in every way”.  I felt secure knowing that I could completely be Danielle and know that he would forever support my endeavors, as I will with him.  We’re each other’s precious gifts to be treasured always.

soulmates 1What the universe has in store for us, no one completely knows, but I do know one thing: the universe never ceases to amaze me.  It brings people into our lives when we least expect it; sometimes to experience pain and other times to witness the beauty of love.  I believe that we should never take any encounter lightly, we all have something to learn from those experiences.  To love and to be loved are just some of the precious gifts that we must hold dear.  So, here’s to finding our destiny, our soul mates – once you find them, never let them go.  May we all find and truly experience the power of love.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading <3



Time to Smell the Pumpkin Latte

autumn-danceMmmmm…the smell of pumpkin latte is all around us, cialis buy capsule and you know what that means –   Autumn is just around the corner. :) September 23rd marked the official first day of fall and with it comes months-long hibernation, health spandex pants, and thinking about our new years resolution.

Let’s not hibernate any further my dear readers! Let’s be daring and bold! Why wait to start something new when the time is now?

I challenge everyone to not enter fall-winter hibernation and get out there and try something new. :) If you feel you’re life is fraught with complacency and the same old routine, try taking up a new hobby, learn something new, or simply do something you haven’t done in awhile.  autumn 2

I feel that my own life has become so routine and cyclic.  I’m an extroverted person and thrive on activity and vitality – I felt that 2 years of endless studying has kinda made me numb because I wasn’t doing anything else.  So, I recently decided to reignite my passion for salsa dancing and started Crossfit classes, and let me tell you, I’ve never felt better. :) There’s no better satisfaction than knowing that you’re in charge of your own happiness and life path.  Let’s make that happen!

I would love to hear about your new adventures.  Happy reading :)

Nerd Alert: Measuring Brainwaves Could Lead To An Objective Autism Diagnosis

Learning about autism has always been a passion of mine.  There’s been immense debate on its origins and reseachers have found that it’s multifactorial.  For those who do not know what autism is, sildenafil case  I shall describe it briefly: Autism is a neural developmental disorder characterized by repetitive movements (i.e. hand flapping) and impaired social interaction and communication.  The mechanism is still not completely understood but researchers have learned that the neural synapses in the brain fail to connect and organize, which results in regressed development around the age of 2.

Today I read an article in Popular Science about a study that used EEG wave patterns to possibly diagnose autism.  Electroencephalogram recordings (EEGs) measure wave patterns in the brain.  It’s a non-invasive method where a patient wears a skull cap that contains multiple electrodes and wires to measure brain activity.

Example of an EEG
Example of an EEG

Since autism is associated with faulty brain connectivity, this study makes complete sense to use in diagnosing! :) In fact, the researchers of this study found an inverse correlation between electrical brain activity and autism severity – meaning, the more severe the autism symptoms, the patient demonstrates weaker brain activity and slower incoming processing time.  This study is quite important for autism research.  It may not establish it’s origin, but it’ll allow for a more objective, faster diagnosis and the ability to categorize individuals along the autism spectrum.  Isn’t that exciting?! I think so! :)

Synopsis of brain activity in patient with Autism
Synopsis of brain activity in patient with Autism





Neural connectivity between autism patient and control.  Notice: the patient with autism shows less connections.
Neural connectivity between autism patient and control. Notice: the patient with autism shows less connections.








Typical electrical brain activity in individuals with autism
Typical electrical brain activity in individuals with autism







Check out the article: Measuring Brainwaves Could Lead to an Objective Autism Diagnosis

I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading :)

Let’s talk! about Mindfulness…

The proof is in the pudding! :) Try conquering your stressful life with mindful, cialis buy cialis relaxing techniques – sit in your room or chair, sovaldi close your eyes, generic inhale deeply through your nose/exhale slowly from your mouth, listen to the the rhythm of your breathing and heart. Do you notice anything different about your body? It’s amazing how your body slows down and centers itself – it’s an amazing machine that adjusts to many of lives situations. Be mindful, be present my dear readers!

I would love to hear your thoughts. Happy reading :)

It’s OK to Say NO

After college until now, viagra sales thumb I feel that I’ve grown a lot as an individual and see the world a little bit differently.  The most important lessons I learned during that time were 1) it’s never to late to ask for help, discount cialis and 2) it’s ok to say No sometimes – this brief posting will focus on the latter lesson.  A lot of times in my life I’ve been guilty of saying “Yes” when I really wanted to say “No”, but why did I do that?  My unconscious reasons were to not rock the boat, not appear selfish, or because it seemed to be “the right thing to do”.  I’ve realized there needs to be a balance to this conundrum – albeit, it may not be easy.  I think we need to set our own limitations and not allow ourselves to be ruled by others reactions.  It can be a lofty task to start, but like Momma G says “practice makes perfect, so with a little bit of practice, it will be perfect” :)

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading :)

To Secede or Not To Secede?

scotland 1Good morning everyone! Today is a bright new day in the United Kingdom as the Scottish people voted “No” on the referendum to secede from the UK.  However, buy viagra healing the margin was quite close with 55% No and 45% Yes.  What do you think about this news?  Should Scotland have seceded and gained their independence?  Was it right to stay under the United Kingdom?  I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

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Nerd Alert: Bizarre Animals From Around the World

Attention, discount viagra malady attention – here is today’s nerd alert! My friend posted this link on his Facebook page and I thought the animals photographed were amazing.  I’ve never seen such diversity before and I learned something new today.  What a wonderful way to start the day! :)

My favorites are the Patagonian Hares, Stoat, and Dugong whale.  Which are your favorites?

Patagonian Hares
Patagonian Hares
Dugong whale
Dugong whale











The Silence is Deafening

Rumi-On-SilenceHello again my dear readers! My medical board exams are finally over, cialis generic generic so La Vida Dolce is back in action! :) Let’s celebrate by talking about my biggest pet peeve in relationships: the silent treatment.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced the following scenario with our partners: 1) an argument starts, best viagra decease 2) the issue goes unresolved, sickness and 3) you or your partner responds with a cold shoulder for days.  It’s understandable if this may happen occasionally, but what happens if this continuously repeats during every argument?

Before we delve into the peculiarities of the silent treatment, I would like to differentiate between the “cooling off period” and the “silent treatment”.

Cooling off period: This is the minutes-hours immediately following an argument.  You and your partner just had an emotionally charged tete-a-tete and need time to regroup/recharge mentally and emotionally.  I consider this a normal evolution of an argument because it allows the issue to be resolved after both parties are calmer.

Silent treatment: This is the hours-days-weeks following an argument.  There’s no basic communication between you and your partner.  Its the type of tension that can be cut with a butter knife.  Issues are clearly unresolved and resentment brews.  This is an emotionally unhealthy relationship.

SilentTreatment1-tnThe silent treatment and emotionally ostracizing your partner is destructive to any personal relationship.  It’s a passive-aggressive way to control the emotions and dealings of the relationship.  In fact, many psychologists and therapists would consider this behavior as emotionally abusive, and I whole-heartedly agree with  that classification.  Couples who engage in this sort of conflict management demonstrate decreased relationship satisfaction, lower sexual intimacy, and poor communication.  Additionally, the victim repeatedly feels abandoned, ignored, and unworthy – who should feel like that in their relationship?  Gradually resentment brews between partners – they attribute blame to each other rather than dealing directly with the issues at hand.  Nothing good comes out of the silent treatment; I personally feel it’s manipulative, disrespectful, and overall, not productive to any relationship.

I decided to write about this topic because it reminds me of my most recent relationship.  Whenever we had an argument, or at random times, he would go completely silent.  The silence was accompanied by no eye contact, personal acknowledgement when we’re in each others presence, and complete withdrawal of verbal and physical affection.  I was left emotionally depleted, thinking “what did i do wrong? why do i deserve such treatment?” I realized that it wasn’t me with the problem; it was his way of controlling our relationship.  It created an emotional struggle between us, and eventually, we parted ways.

silent3Conflict is inevitable in any relationship, but how we deal with it is extremely important.  I try to subscribe to the saying, “do what you say, say what you mean” in my relationships.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but be open with your partner when you need time to cool off after an argument; it’ll save your relationship from unnecessary struggles.  Here are some tips below to start breaking the silent treatment cycle:


1) Mutually agree to “cool off” when the cycle begins

2) Avoid character assassination

3) Sincerely apologize when the time arises

4) Refrain from ping-ponging the silent treatment between each other

5) Do not appear upset nor coax your partner into conversing with you

These suggestions will take time to initiate and you may falter momentarily, but all is not lost. :) Everyone is entitled to respect, love, and happiness in their relationship.  Try to rise above the silent treatment and be responsible for your own happiness.  (**Note: If you feel your partner becomes verbally and/or physically abuse, please seek advice from a professional**)

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading :)