The New “Mood” Ice Cream

ice creamIf you’re a child of the ’90s, cialis sale ampoule like I am, viagra usa no rx you probably remember mood rings.  My sisters and I thought they were so awesome at the time.  Somehow they could “predict” our mood just by pressing our tiny fingers against them.  We were youngsters at the time, sovaldi so what would you expect? :)

A Spanish physicist, engineer, and professor, Manuel Linares, developed his own type of “mood” ice cream.  The concoction in the ice cream reacts to your saliva and changes color while you eat! Unfortunately, it doesn’t predict how you’re feeling, but I still think it’s awesome.

And…that’s my nerd alert for the day! Happy reading! :)

Check out the article on Popular ScienceA Lick of the Tongue Changes This Ice Cream’s Color

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

lets talk about sexI feel like I’ve been surrounded by a lot of sex lately.  Maybe it’s the reproductive anatomy I’m studying or an article I recently read or a conversation I overheard about premarital sex; but either way, viagra buy cialis I feel like talking about sex is the way to go for this post – specifically premarital sex.

There’s always been a lot of debate in society, viagra generic viagra sale religion, and culture of whether it’s “acceptable” to have premarital sex.  I recently read one woman’s views about it on Thought Catalog and it got me thinking.  This woman has chosen not to have premarital sex until she’s found “the one”, not for religious reasons, but to save herself from heartache.  I respect her decision to ward off such temptation, but I don’t agree with her logic for doing so.

Sex is a wonderful addition to our relationships.  It releases chemicals that stimulate reward and emotional centers in our brains that keeps us coming back for more and it also enhances the attachment between two people.  There’s a balancing act to sex – have too little and you’re a hermit, have to much and you’re an addict…you get the idea.  I don’t believe in a specific “rule” of when to have sex, but I do believe you should sincerely know and understand your partner before taking your relationship to the next level.  Sex is a natural level of “commitment” between two people, so it’s up to you and your partner to find that balance and venture together.sex1

Premarital sex is not the root of heartache in all relationships.  Yes, it enhances the emotional attachment so that loss can be painful when the relationship breaks, but we’re not guaranteed to be with every person we’ve had sex with.  We don’t know where our lives will lead us.  We shouldn’t be afraid of engaging ourselves for fear of the unknown.  Be true to yourself.  Sex was made to be enjoyable, exciting, and bonding, but everything in moderation, my dear readers.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Happy reading! :)


The article I read on Thought Catalog: Why I’m Saving Sex for Marriage


Testing 1, 2, 3…Can you hear me?!

hello-can-you-hear-meYou know when you’re trying to give someone advice and somehow sense they’re not listening? You begin talking more direct, viagra buy sick emphasize key points, buy cialis and eventually raise you voice, hoping that something will seep in.  Raise your hands if you’ve ever experienced that…keep them held high!

What are we doing wrong? Why aren’t people listening to our advice?!

Well, according to Julian Treasure, who is a sound consultant and Ted Talk contributor, we are doing something wrong.  We’re continually committing the “7 deadly sins” of communication:

1) Gossip

2) Judging

3) Negativity

4) Complaining

5) Excuses

6) Lying

7) Dogmatism

Without us realizing, we incorporate these into our daily lives and they become habitual.  There’s no specific mal-intent attached to these “sins”, but they prevent effective communication that could be helpful to those around us.

So how do we extinguish them from our verbal repertoire?  Mr. Treasure suggests practicing the acronym, “HAIL”:

Honesty – Speak in an open, direct, clear, yet respectful, manner.

Authenticity – Be true to yourself.

Integrity – Let your words of wisdom be reflected in your actions.

Love – Have a general openness, well-being, and non-judgement towards with person you’re speaking with.

With a little practice and patience, we’ll be smooth talkers in no time! :) ;)

Happy reading!

Watch Mr. Treasure’s Ted Talk: 



Not the “F” Word!

Let’s talk about the dreaded “F” word.  No, generic cialis advice it’s not the one we use when fear 1we’re angry; it’s the other one – FAILURE.

For many of us, myself included, the mere thought of failure will send us quivering in our boots, but the “beauty” about failure is that it can make us do two things: 1) rise to the occasion and triumph, or 2) remain paralyzed in our current situation.

I’m currently struggling with my own fear of failure that I will briefly share with you.  I’m studying for the biggest exam of my medical school career; this exam aides in deciding which hospital I’ll receive future training, so it’s a big deal in the doctor scene.  For the past few days I’ve been worried about this exam and my mind has been haunted by the red flags of failure.  What do I do with these emotions?!

I dug deep and had a conversation with myself – what’s the worst scenario, Danielle? That would be failure and my path to being a doctor would be longer…UGH!  Would I want that to happen? Of course not, but it’s a possibility.  I realized I needed to harness my fear and use it as a driving force towards my studies.

Failure_notFailure may not seem like an option to us, but it’s certainly a possibility.  We can use this fear as a learning tool to train ourselves in dealing with these paralyzing situations.  Take a deep breathe and dive right in.  Do everything in your power to give yourself a fighting chance.  If you do fail, know that you gave it your all.  In the short-term, there will be pain and sorrow (and we all can identify with that), but learn from your mistakes and try gathering your energies to start anew.  The best thing you can do is get back on that horse and ride off in the sunset – you can do it!

Failing is not the end of the world, but the fear of failure will make you feel like it’s there.

How did you conquer failure or the fear of it?

Now back to the books…Happy reading :) :P ;)


Jumpstart Your Neurons

An Eye for an Eye

At the risk of inciting emotions on La Vida Dolce, generic viagra treatment I wanted to discussisraeli-p the current Israeli-Palenstinian conflict.  I’m not here to condem nor condone the tradegy that’s transpiring, viagra search but to bring to light it’s broader implications – hate and annihilation vs respect and stability.

We’re always told as young children to “respect” others who are different than us, ailment regardless of their religion, race, or creed, but somehow as we get older, we forget this virtue.  We slowly allow stereotypes, whether positive or negative, to characterize a group of people and the once held thought of “all men are created equal” begins to disappear.  I’d like to suggest an alternative to that statement: “all men are created equal and different“.  It’s those differences that allow us to bond and better ourselves.  It’s those differences that foster an environment of learning so the world can advance.  It’s those differences that created you and me, so why shouldn’t they be embraced?

I know the Israeli-Palenstinian conflict has deeply rooted social, cultural, and political sentiments (and I do not wish to diminish them), but this common “theme” has plagued society since the Big Bang.  From the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition, the British invasion of India/Pakistan to the Holocaust, and Bosnia to Rwanda, we see that man is more concerned with conquering than embracing.  When will we Israel-Palestine1finally learn our lesson?  Is it more beneficial to hate and annihilate or respect and stabilize?

Our world is more interconnected than ever before.  We’re granted an amazing opportunity to experience, explore, and learn from others that past generations only dreamed of.  Are we willing to sacrifice all that we have gained?


It makes you think – what should we really be fighting for?

Happy reading :)

Forgive + Forget = Happiness?

Remember the old saying, discount viagra levitra “forgiveness is the key to your happiness”? Well, viagra hospital what happened to “forgetting”?  Does that make you happy as well?  The equation may not always be so simple…

We’ve all encountered varying degrees of hurt depending on our family dynamics, socio-economic status, and relationship history.  That “hurt” eventually piles and may later turn forgetinto resentment.  Without realizing, that resentment makes as jaded and cold.  We’re unable to open to new possibilities that may lay ahead.  So, what do we do with all the emotions?  How can we move on to be happy?

1) Forget

When I suggest “forgetting”, I don’t mean living in denial about the circumstances around you.  Our experiences are a vital piece to our tapestry – they combine together to make us who we are.  We can either draw strength or weakness from them.  I suggest “forgetting” as an acknowledgement of its occurrence and placing it behind you as you move forward.  Use those experiences as a stepping stone – learn from them to improve yourself in any way you deem.

2) Forgive

Forgiveness is not an act of submission or acknowledging that the wrong-doing was “ok”.  It allows you to release the emotional burden you’ve been carrying.  forgivenessYou can make peace with the situation or individual that caused you pain.  Forgiveness is purely for YOUR BENEFIT.  You’ll be more receptive to the new adventures, people, and situations that lay in the future.


So when someone says to you, “I’ll forgive what you’ve done, but I won’t forget it!”, simply reply with, “Please do both.  I truly want you to be happy.”

Happy reading y’all! :)

Sometimes Life Just “Happens”

Ever had that time when you feel like your life is a balancing act and the pieces just don’t seem to fit?  After some time the pieces fall one by one.  We get immersed into the “new lives” we’ve built and forget what truly fulfilled us in the beginning.  With that said, buy viagra medicine I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence from La Vida Dolce.  I’ve needed the past few months to juggle my own circus, best viagra but as I like to say, “S**t happens”, so let’s continue moving.

I think the main issue isn’t about how to balance our lives perfectly, but recognizing the multiple roles we have and learning how to maintain them without the fear of imperfection.  For instance, I will always be a medical student/doctor, sister, daughter, friend, lover, writer, but most importantly, I will always be ME - I will always be Danielle.  The key to juggling all these different roles is trusting and knowing that YOU will always be consistent.  Sometimes the tasks ahead seem insurmountable and forever lasting.  And yes, “s**t happens” but realize that it’s perfectly ok to let a piece of
your puzzle to drop every now and then.  life-cameraYou’ll have the strength, insight, and fortitude to pick it up.  The biggest role one can play in their life is being themselves.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  Just trust in yourself and soon everything will fall into place.   

Oh it’s great to be back in the saddle! Happy reading everyone! :)