Making Sense of the Government Shutdown…

government shutdownLast week, best cialis search we experienced something that we never thought would happen…the government shutting down! Those of us who are in my generation probably don’t remember the last government shutdown – we were more worried about listening to Backstreet Boys, generic cialis swapping school lunches, and being children of the ’90s, but a government shutdown has broad implications.  First, thousands of federal employees are unemployed until the government is up and running again.  Second, any loans owned and operated by the federal government is essentially on hiatus.  Third, potential costs to taxpayers in the shutdown’s aftermath.  And last but not least, the world’s perception of the US and it’s government.

Now, in any difficult situation, I think the best way to relieve tension is with a little bit of humor, don’t you think?  I was reading Popular Science today and found an article that may finally make sense of the government shutdown – all in good spirits, of course :)


Read the article and tell me what you think.  Happy reading: Science Confirms The Obvious: Political Extremists Think They Are Right And You Are Wrong

(I apologize to my conservative friends in advance – just roll with the punches :) )