Free Condoms for Cali Teens

sex ed 1California strikes again in advancing sexual education for adolescents!  Started over a year ago, cialis generic ailment the Condom Access Project recently expanded it’s involvement to seven counties across California.  The initiative aims to provide 10 condoms per month to adolescents, cialis sale aged 12-19, by allowing them to confidentially request them online.  This age group typically engages in “high risk sexual behavior” such as non-condom use and multiple partners, which unfortunately, leads to an increased risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as  gonorrhea and chlamydia.

California’s decision has much broader implications than one might expect.  It brings to light the issue of “Who’s responsible to educate America’s youngsters about sex? Parents? Schools? Government?”.  sex ed 2Adolescents are tantalized by sex – it’s the forbidden fruit  – a “right of passage” into adulthood, but are they emotionally and mentally equipped to handle the positive and/or negative aspects that develop during a sexual relationship?  I personally believe that sexual education needs to be broader and incorporate the involvement of parents, school system, and state and federal governments.

Sexual education in America is a heated topic that many are willing to fight against, but it’s something that deserves an appropriate and educated conversation.  How can we expect our children to engage in safer sexual practices if they do not have the necessary knowledge and tools to make such an important decision?  sex ed 3Knowledge is power and without it, our decisions have the potential to be made irrationally.

How should we educate our youth about sexual relationships? What are your thoughts?

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