Beauty Wars

This post is dedicated to all my female readers (sorry guys, tadalafil cure I’ll get y’all next time :P ) as I want to discuss what we consider as “beautiful”.  A few months ago I watched a video featuring the model, Cameron Russell, where she discusses that “looks aren’t everything” and I thought this topic would be appropriate as bikini season is right around the corner.  How many ladies out there wish we could physically change something about ourselves?  To make our faces younger, our tooshies rounder, and our waists slimmer?  Now, I know we’ve all thought about it, so raise you hands high…don’t be ashamed to admit it…I know I’ve thought about it 2

Starting at a young age, girls are flooded with images, songs, and magazines that flaunt the essence of beauty as being thin, young, gullible, and passive.  We carry these depictions throughout adolescence and into adulthood, where it’s continually validated by society and our surroundings.  Where is it “beautiful” to have a unique personality that can be expressed and cherished by everyone around the young lady?  After all, as my momma always said, “No matter how hard you try, your looks will eventually fade.  Then what will you be left with? Your heart, your mind, and your personality.” (I think my momma is a smart woman, don’t you? :) ).

With every passing generation, we wish the upcoming youths to have better opportunities than us, and I believe society’s depiction of “feminine beauty” is steadily changing, but there’s still work to be done.  We should want our daughters, sisters, nieces, and grand-daughters to grow up where their physical beauty is enhanced by their personality, heart, and mind, and not solely by their “genetic lottery” as Cameron Russell puts it.


So ladies, start embracing your own beauty – body, personality, heart, and mind – and only then are you ready to conquer the world :)

(Click here to view the video: Cameron Russell: Looks aren’t Everything )

Connecticut vs NRA: Gun Control Laws Around the Corner

Last December, viagra sale order another shooting tragedy struck with its victims being the young children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.  The shooting awakened a long-standing debate between the American people, state and federal governments, and the National Rifle Association (NRA); the debate over stricter gun control laws.  From Columbine -> VA Tech -> Colorado -> and now to Newtown, this debate continues without resolution, but today, Connecticut’s Gov. Dannel Malloy signed the strictest and most comphrensive gun control law we have to date.

The main components of the bill are:

1) Adding 100+ weapons to the state’s banned assault weapons list

ct guns2) Limits the capacity of ammunition magazines

3) Requires mandatory background checks for all gun sales…including gun shows

4) Establishes a statewide registry of individuals who committed crimes using a dangerous weapon (this will only be available to law enforcement, not the public).

Now that the ball is rolling, how will this affect other states’ or the federal government’s outlook on gun control?

How will this impact the nation?  Is it beneficial?  What are your thoughts?

CNN’s article about the new bill: CT Passes Stricter Gun Control Laws