Homosexual Marriage in America

gay marriage - equal protectionEarlier this week, discount viagra cialis our US Supreme Court began hearing arguments on legalizing homosexual marriage across the country and changing the constitutional definition of marriage.  The two lawsuits specifically focus on challenging the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 and a section of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  This is an extremely exciting and crucial time in America’s history as these lawsuits are paralleled to Roe v. Wade (1973 – legalizing abortion) and Loving v. Virgina (1967 – legalizing interracial marriages) in their emotional intensity and legal and social importance.

let me marry

My question to you, my dear readers, is how do you view love and marriage?

Who’s in Your Inner Circle?

We are social creatures, discount cialis advice and with that, comes the ability to establish and maintain many different relationships.  These connections enable us to develop, what I call, “your inner circle”.  Your inner circle consists of family and friends who consistently and unconditionally provide emotional and practical support during your ups, pilule downs, and all arounds.  Having an “inner circle” is something we all need.  It provides an emotional safe-haven when you want express your feelings, be encouraged, or simply just have someone there when you need them the most.

Your inner circle should consist of the type of people who would do these actions:

  • Bring wine and ice cream during a break-up or when you’ve had a bad day
  • Aren’t afraid to tell you the truth in any situation
  • Spontaneously make house-calls just to give you a piece of cheesecake because it’s your favorite
  • Answer the phone at 2am because you’re panicked about work, relationships, or school
  • Will always, always listen and support you even if you make a mistake.inner circle

Do you know anyone who would do these things?  I sure do! I’m so glad these people are in my inner circle! :)

Now, all relationships require give-and-take, so show your appreciation and let your friends know you “have their back” by:

1)      Accepting their help:

I know sometimes we want to maintain the image that we’re “strong” and “emotionally together” (guilty as charged your honor :) ), but I’ve learned there’s NOTHING WRONG with asking your friends and family for help.  If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that your inner circle will ALWAYS want to help you, SO LET THEM.

2)      Maintain open, honest communication:

Honesty and communication are the keys to any effective relationship, and together, they are a match made in heaven.  If there was a miscommunication or something is on your mind, then express it in an open, constructive manner.  Never be afraid to express yourself to your loved ones.

3)      Be available when they need you:

Give your family and friends the same time and attention when they need emotional support.  Be a good listener and let them know you’re in their corner.

4)      Always show them your appreciation:

Thank your friends and family for all they’ve done simply by expressing your gratitude or doing something nice for them in return.  Let them know you cherish your relationship.

Who’s in your inner cirlce?

Curing HIV

While reading the news this morning, viagra usa viagra sale I stumbled upon this AMAZING article about researchers possibly curing a 2 year old girl born HIV positive!  It’s so surreal to think how fast modern medicine is progressing.  This surely is a great, best viagra exciting accomplishment for the researchers, the girl’s family, medicine, and many others living with HIV.  We’re one step closer to curing HIV!

Happy Reading: Researchers: Toddler cured of HIV

Be Mindful, Be Present – The Essence of Life

“Be mindful, Be present” is the mantra that comes to mind as I watched a Tedtalk today (I know, I know…another Tedtalk video, but I just can’t help myself :) ).

How many of us can ACTUALLY, HONESTLY say we can separate from our busy lives and just be?  Let me tell you a little secret…I find it difficult at times too…you’re not alone my dear readers.

Watching this video reminded me of my original purpose in starting La Vida Dolce – for us, including myself, to remember to reflect on our lives, learn from our experiences, and open our hearts.

Ready for the challenge?  It’ll only take 10 minutes.

Enjoy this wonderful video everyone: All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes