A New Year, A New You!

Good-bye 2012…Hello 2013! Tis the season to start the year fresh and new! Every year we think of ways to transform our lives from losing weight to stopping a bad habit or reacting differently towards others, viagra buy patient but we forget to answer what we really need in our lives.

We all have the capability to live the lives we’ve envisioned. We have the key to modify ourselves and how we react to situations to achieve our goals. That tool lies within all of us.

Achieving the life we envisioned does not need to be a difficult task; we just need to believe. Nothing will be a quick fix to solve our lives, but with dedication, persistence, and active planning, you can achieve your goals and travel towards the path you’ve chosen.

 Step 1: Rnew-years-resolutionselax and close your eyes. Envision the current aspects of your life. (I know some of you are thinking, “So I just close my eyes and POOF it comes to me? You’re crazy lady.”, but trust me, you need to center and calm your mind to visualize what’s missing) While you’re visualizing your life, ask yourself the following questions:  Are you living life to its full potential? Have you achieved your goals? Do you feel something is missing? Where do you want to be in 1, 3, 5 years from now?

Step 2: Open your eyes. Grab a piece of paper and divide into 1, 3, and 5 year marks. Under each year, write at least 3 financial, relationship, social, and career goals you’d like to accomplish.

Step 3: Take a step back and read what you’ve written. Do they seem reasonable? Are they attainable?

 Step 4: After analyzing your goals, write 3 ways HOW you’re going to achieve them. What steps are YOU willing to take to make them a reality?

Step 5: Look again at what you’ve written and begin taking the steps to achieve what you really desire.  Make attempts, make mistakes…it’s ok. As you actively pursue your written goals and objectives, what you really want will come to you.

What do you want?

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